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Introducing the ultimate toolkit for parents and caregivers who want to foster positive habits and routines in their children – the "Kids' Behavior Chart and Daily Routine Template"! This comprehensive 29-page template is designed to empower you with the tools you need to establish structure, accountability, and organization in your child's daily life.

With this template, you'll find everything you need to create a positive and engaging environment for your child. The behavior chart section allows you to track and incentivize your child's progress in developing good habits, setting goals, and reinforcing positive behavior. You can customize the chart to suit your child's specific needs, whether it's completing chores, practicing good manners, or completing homework on time. With visual cues and rewards, this chart encourages your child to take ownership of their actions and fosters a sense of responsibility.

The daily routine section of the template provides a structured framework for your child's day, helping them establish a sense of routine and predictability. From wake-up time to bedtime, you can easily outline and customize each activity, ensuring a smooth and organized flow throughout the day. This section not only promotes consistency but also empowers your child to manage their time effectively and develop valuable life skills.

In addition to the behavior chart and daily routine, this template also includes sections for chores, a monthly calendar, and more. The chores section allows you to assign age-appropriate tasks to your child and teach them the importance of contributing to the household. The monthly calendar helps you plan and track important events, appointments, and activities, keeping everyone in the family informed and organized.

With 29 pages of carefully designed templates, this toolkit is a valuable resource for parents and caregivers seeking to create a structured and nurturing environment for their children. The user-friendly format is 100% customizable using a free account on Canva or just print the template - make it easy to customize and adapt the templates to fit your child's unique needs and interests.

Say goodbye to chaos and disorganization, and hello to a well-regulated and harmonious household. Get your hands on the "Kids' Behavior Chart and Daily Routine Template" today and unlock the power of structure and organization in your child's life. Watch as they thrive and grow, develop positive habits, and become more independent and responsible. Invest in their future success and happiness – start using this template and transform your child's routine today!

he charts are very easy to use. Simply print out the pages you want to use and hang them up in a visible place. Then, have your kids check off the chores they complete each day.

Chore charts are a great way to teach your kids about responsibility and teamwork. It's also a great way to keep your house clean and organized.


- 29 pages, including 12 monthly calendar pages
- Daily chores list
- Chore chart by room
- Weekly responsibilities
- After school checklist
- Before bed checklist
- Before school checklist
- School day checklist
- Daily checklists by morning, afternoon, and evening
- Allowance chart
- Screen time checklist
- Reward chart
- Behavior chart
- Consequence chart
- Daily routine
- Weekly plan


- Helps kids learn responsibility
- Helps kids contribute to the household
- Keeps your house clean and organized
- Promotes teamwork
- Provides a sense of accomplishment

♡ What you will get:

  • 29 Page Chore Chart, Responsibilities & Calendar
  • CANVA Basics Guide

♡ What You Can Do:

  • Change Colors
  • Change Texts
  • Add/Remove Elements

♡ Important Notes:
After your purchase, you will receive a PDF file containing the link of the email signature template in canva and a basics guide to canva

All templates are editable using a free canva account.
Editing and Reselling of my templates are strictly prohibited.

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